Project Description

Amman City Tour Branding Design for JETT

This branding design was done by Zaid Masannat for The Jordan Express Tourist Transportation Co. (JETT) through a USAID/BEST Project grant. JETT wanted to increase its offerings for tourism related routes and the Amman City Tour was created to cater for a gap in this niche market.

Logo concept:

A very common representation of a bus line are the various stops it makes along its route. This concept is built around the multiple stops of the bus in a strong and colorful visual representation. The logo is supplemented with a single line rendering of the iconic buildings in Amman along the path of the bus route. When the logo is combined with the iconic buildings line art, a visually stimulating and a memorable «Amman experience» brand is created. JETT opted later for red double decker buses, and a yellow/red variation of the logo was eventually used on them.


«The Must-See Tour of Amman» is suggested to position the brand as a first choice, top of mind attraction for tourists, expats and locals as the singular most important thing to do in Amman. With recurrent use, this will set JETT apart from future carriers who may offer similar services.