Creations | Masannat Design Est. is an award winning design agency in Amman with an impeccable reputation for quality designs and production.


Creations specializes in creating inspiring branding solutions that are modern, functional and deliver on your promise.  The brands we design are loved by our clients and stood the test of time, with some of them already more than two decades young.

Some of the most visible and prestigious brands in town were designed by Creations.

Some of our most prominent brands are:

  • Izzat Marji Group
  • Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets
  • George Abuzeid
  • Master
  • Discovery Circle Tours
Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets branding design by Creations
George Abuzeid & Co. Logo


Great ideas need superior quality production.  Building on decades of print production know-how, we supervise every print job with meticulous attention to detail to ensure it is executed to perfection. No exceptions.

Digital & Website Design

We have over 10 years experience in designing award winning website, e-Commerce platforms using the lates open source technologies (WooCommerce and Magento) as well as posts for social media. We can help you strategize and plan your social media presence and design to perfect content for your campaigns to ensure the best return on your media spend.

Jordan Ranger Camp website and booking engine, designed by Creations.
Valencia Gardens Juices packaging design by Creations

Packaging Design

We enjoy designing packaging for products!  With our superior attention to detail and thinking ”out of the box” for your box (pun intended) – we can help create the perfect look for your product.


We launched our firm in Amman in 2000 as a full fledged adverting agency.  We designed and ran quite a few ad campaigns, winning more than 11 IAA awards along the way.  Campaigns for Save the Children launching the INJAZ program took the town by storm back then.  The times have changed, and focus on traditional press and outdoor ads has waned with the trending shift to social media promotions. We can still create and run attention grabbing ad campaigns if you need more bang for your advertising buck.

Zalatimo Yum Ad design by Creations
Izzat Marji Group General AC Ads

Advertising, brochures, company profiles, annual reports or books. If it can be printed – we can design it!

We design and print all kinds of corporate literature and communications materials. With over 25 years of excellence in design and printing, you can be sure that your piece will represent your company in elegance and style.