Creations can provide a range of architectural and interior design solutions to fulfill your design needs. We excel at schematic designs, museum and exhibit designs as well as interiors. These design services complement our graphic and branding design capabilities giving you wholistic creative solutions .


Museum and exhibit designs require a unique blend of creative skills.  We combine our graphic design and branding forte, with over 10 years experience in interpretation, a vision for informative and engaging displays, topped with a keen sense of interior and architectural design.

When architect Zaid Masannat designed the Petra Visitor Center in 2014, the foremost attraction in Jordan and the jewel in the crown in Jordanian tourism, he embarked on a journey of discovery that would take him deep into museum and exhibit design.  The Petra Visitor Center was the first world-class museum exhibit about Petra (later replaced by the Petra Museum in 2019). He then designed the Jerash visitor Center with the same flare for museum and exhibit design integrated with the story telling and interpretation of the site.

Between the years 2019-2019 Zaid worked on a number of museums and exhibit designs:

  • The Petra Visitor Center
  • Jerash Visitor Center
  • Sharif Hussein Museum in Aqaba, Jordan.
  • Jordan Tourism Board international trade shows booths
  • USAID Water Operators Project trade show exhibit
  • The Ottoman Building in Jerash
  • Member of steering committee for the design of the Founding King’s Palace Museum in Maan, Jordan.
  • Worked with a team from the Smithsonian Institute (Washington DC) and Think Design (New York) on schemes to upgrade the Jordan Museum.
  • Currently working with Maisam Architects on the design of Deiseh Museum in Wadi Rum.

Zaid’s passion for graphic design, architecture and museum design helped place him on the map as one of Jordan’s few museum design experts.

Jerash-Visitor Center Designed by Zaid Masannat
Religions Hall in Petra Visitors Center designed by Zaid Masannat


We can create schematic and conceptual designs for a variety of commercial, cultural, hospitality and heritage buildings rehabilitation projects. From there on we can collaborate with architectural consulting firms to produce tender documents. The advantage? A cost-effective method to test ideas with maximum flexibility, unencumbered by change request costs.

Interior Design

Creations is your ideal partner for your next commercial interior space design. Together we can can create your next restaurant, office, or showroom interior. Coupled with our strong visual and graphic design skills, your brand message will come across, not just through your logo, but through how your customers perceive your interior space as well.

Heritage Buildings Rehabilitation

We worked on a number of heritage buildings, homes and shops in As Salt as part of a lager city wide tourism development initiative.  We also worked on a number of heritage and historic buildings and their adaptive reuse across Jordan.

“The change of not only the look and function of the cafe, but how we operate as a business, was incredible! We used to operate as small shop, overstocked an unorganized with heavily branded interior by a beverage company.  Now, we have an elegant and stylish café, with our own interior theme and brand.  Our sales got boosted, our profit soared and the number of items we carry was reduced by half.” Ala’ Breizat | Amman Citadel Café

Ala' Breizat | The Citadel Café

“The transformation of the Petra Visitor Center was completely amazing. One could not believe that the actual building of the old visitor center is still there in the core of the building. Architect Zaid Masannat did a wonderful and thorough job of understanding the visitor needs, the story of Petra and the huge collection of archaeological artifacts we had, and put it all together in an exciting way. We can tell how impressed visitors from all over the world are. Thank you Zaid and thank USAID for their support.”  Emad Hjazeen | Petra Region Development Authority

Emad Hjazeen | Petra Region Development Authority

Residential & Landscape Design

Creations can help you design your next dream home or residential complex. We can also transform your garden space and make it truly your personal haven and recluse.