Project Description

Hamada Restaurants – famous for their Middle Eastern foods – asked us to redesign their packaging branding, giving it an elite look and feel, especially focusing on their premium extra virgin olive oil line.  They recently redesigned their brand, so we had to work with their new logo and brand pattern. But that was an issue as their branded pattern boxes were too busy and colorful.  We designed a monochromatic color palette for their branding strip and logo, thus freeing us to apply new and fresh color themes.  We also decided to use metallized printing technology to give the new brand an edge in sheen, look and feel.

We experimented with several color themes, and created different packaging solutions for their regular olive oil line (seen here in turquoise). We also created special wooden boxes designs for large canisters of olive oil (to be sold at their airport outlet). We also created a custom designed and produced ceramic gift set for olive oil and za’atar (thyme) to be packed with their flavored oils.

We separated their more prestigious Signature Series line into a separate branding design with its own color theme and graphics (see here).