Project Description

Simplicity, elegance, luxury and opulence. These are just a few words to describe this ultra slick rack brochure for our client who happens to be one of the preferred five start hotels in Amman for the business travelers.  As simple as the design may seem, the effort that went into photography, selection of photos and attention to details was immense. We even calculated the thickness of paper it was printed on so that the width of the white margin stayed consistent across all pages as it folds – something only experts in printing presses can relate to!

Top notch international photographers were recruited. One was dispatched by Grand Hyatt headquarters, and we hired the late Bill Lyons, our dear departed friend who took some of the images (most notably the spices in the stone pestle to represent Indochine Restaurant).  The cover image was our idea as we looked down the central lobby staircase, which later became the hero image for the hotel.