Project Description

The Italian NGO Habibi Valtiberina sponsored a sheep milk cheese production factory in Adir, a small village near Karak, in the south of Jordan. Adir is traditionally known for its prime quality Jameed (dried sheep milk yoghurt).  They trained local women on producing Pecorino Cheese (a sharp flavored hard Italian sheep milk cheese) under the training of Italian cheese makers.  We brainstormed quite a bit on coming up with a brand name. Few of the names suggested were: Aderino (in reference to Adir), Karakotta (in reference to Karak – the closest city to Adir) and later Formajo (a twist on the Italian word ‘formaggio’ meaning cheese).

The brand design went under many iterations and trials under the different suggested names.  But we finally settled on the logo derived from the abstraction of the actual Karak Castle, with a cheese block behind the castle outline resonating with a rising sun.  The client also produces different types of cheese, and a customizable branded cheese label was created that could be used for different cheese types.

Watch the video here.