Project Description

When Alyarmouk River Tributaries for Clearing approached us to redesign their logo and branding, we tackled the design of their three existing companies which had different logo styles and even company names. We consolidated all the companies under “Alyarmouk Group” and created a branding system for all subsidiary companies and a new website.

This was an interesting project because we came up with 2 equally appealing logo/branding options that gave the client a challenging time to choose from.  Both finalist logos were based on the letter “Y” – standing for Yarmouk River, laid out in a dynamic way, reflecting movement in a modern and fresh looking style.

Mr Zaid Masannat, creator of the brand, said: “We did several great options, it was hard to choose the final logo. But I am glad that the partners went with this one because at the end of the day each and every one of them has to identify with the brand as their own – for many years to come.”